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Class 5 Science Olympiad Excellence Book



Science Olympiad Book aim to build strong foundation in basic concepts which needs to be applied in future classes and compensations.


  • Plant life
  • Animal Life
  • Human Body and Food
  • Soil Rock And Minerals
  • Air and Water
  • Work Force and Energy
  • Our Universe
  • Matter and Material
  • Pollution and Calamities
  • Safety and First aid
  • Model Test Paper ( Stage I and II )


GSO books helps students to understand basic analogy of contents and improve their conceptual knowledge of subject.
The “Class 5 Science Olympiad Excellence Book” is a study guide designed to help students excel in science Olympiad competitions. It covers various science topics, including physics, chemistry, biology, and environmental science, and includes practice questions, tips, and explanations. The book is intended for students in the fifth grade.

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